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Meticulous Georgetown Attorney Prepares Clear, Effective Wills

Skilled Kentucky lawyer helps clients direct the distribution of their property

People who have worked throughout their life to build their assets and protect their family are entitled to specify how and to whom their estate passes upon their death. At Larmour Law Offices, PSC in Georgetown, I help individuals and families prepare authoritative wills so that their loved ones are provided for. Effective estate planning is important not just for the wealthy, but for anyone who owns property or has minor children. I provide meticulous, personalized attention to ensure that your needs are met and that nothing is missed. For clients throughout central Kentucky, my firm delivers the security and peace of mind that comes with a well-prepared last will and testament.

Law firm enables people to protect their loved ones

Drafting a will is both a personal endeavor and a legal challenge. I assist clients with both parts of this process and devote time to explaining all relevant issues, such as:

  • Intestacy — If you die without a will, your assets are allocated based on Kentucky’s intestacy laws. Expressing your preferences in an authoritative will means that your wishes rather than Kentucky statutes will be honored.
  • Legal requirements — I will help ensure that your final instructions are stated clearly and witnessed as required by Kentucky law.
  • How a will works within an estate plan — Wills are an essential aspect of any estate plan, but there are other tools available to transfer your property. I explain how your will can combine with trusts and other means of distributing your assets to meet your estate planning objectives.

No matter the size or complexity of your estate, I will use my legal knowledge to create documents tailored to the specific needs of you and your family.

Legal support for establishing guardianship and conservatorship terms

If you have minor children or are responsible for the care of an adult family member, effective estate planning includes provisions for their protection. My firm helps clients understand the considerations that should go into determinations of guardianship and conservatorship. From there, we work together to draft clear instructions regarding who should take on your responsibilities if need be. I can also assist with establishing financial arrangements to help support those needing care.

Working with individuals and families to update existing wills

Most people understand how quickly life can change, but that realization doesn’t always translate to reflecting those changes in their wills, which are often locked away and forgotten about once they have been executed. However, changes to your health, finances and family relationships can mean that the instructions you issued are no longer appropriate. If you have a will but haven’t checked it lately, I can review it with you and draft revisions to ensure that it reflects your current intentions and circumstances.

Assisting executors and beneficiaries throughout the probate process

When a loved one dies, complicated probate issues can make a difficult situation even worse. My firm works with estate executors and administrators to handle probate tasks, from the filing of the will through the final distribution of assets. When a dispute exists, I advise executors and beneficiaries about their rights and can advocate for them in district court.

Contact a thorough central Kentucky estate planning lawyer

Larmour Law Offices, PSC assists central Kentucky residents with wills, probate and other estate planning issues. Please call 859-813-5614 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Georgetown office.

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