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Georgetown Custody Lawyer Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights and Those of Your Children

Skilled adviser helps clients maintain strong parental bonds after a breakup

No responsibility is more important than a parent’s duty to raise their children in a loving, supportive manner. At Larmour Law Offices, PSC in Georgetown, I represent clients in child custody matters that arise when parents no longer live together due to divorce or the end of a relationship. Whether you need immediate assistance to establish a temporary custody order or are looking to create a long-term parenting plan, I provide thorough, compassionate legal support. My firm will advocate strongly for a resolution that preserves the legal rights of you and your children and gives everyone the chance to move forward successfully.

Knowledgeable attorney counsels clients on Kentucky custody laws

Kentucky courts, along with those in other states, make custody decisions based on what they believe to be in the child’s best interests. This applies to both residential custody, which refers to where the child will live, and decision-making authority, sometimes known as legal custody. Often, joint legal custody is established where parents share legal authority and work out arrangements to ensure that the child spends meaningful time at each parent’s home. In deciding custody matters, judges weigh a range of factors, including these:

  • Comfort with home, school and community — When their parents break up, children can become unsettled at the very least and traumatized at the worst. Maintaining some consistency in a child’s education and daily routine can be an important consideration when determining where the child should live.
  • Child preference — Though children’s wishes are not always honored, courts can take into account the preferences of a youth who is old enough to express them in a mature fashion.
  • Creating a healthy, safe environment — Parents with a history of domestic violence or substance abuse might lose their ability to obtain residential custody. However, judges often take steps in cases like these to allow visitation in safe settings.

Even when a divorce is highly contested, I take every step possible to help parents reach consensus on matters that affect their children.

Law firm strives to establish fair visitation arrangements

As a dedicated family law attorney, I work diligently to foster strong bonds between children and parents not awarded residential custody. Fair parenting plans and visitation schedules are crucial in this regard.  I draft and negotiate agreements that allow both parents to maintain frequent, meaningful contact with their children whenever possible. My experience enables me to anticipate issues that must be worked out, such as holiday and transportation arrangements. Addressing these matters up front prevents confusion and conflict later on.

Contact a dedicated Georgetown family lawyer for assistance with custody disputes

Larmour Law Offices, PSC assists Kentucky residents with child custody issues and other family law concerns.  Please call 859-813-5614 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Georgetown office.

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